Tuition Information

The SkinScience Institute provides it’s students with the highest quality education available. In addition to our regular course curriculum, we work closely with each individual student to make sure that you are prepared to practice anywhere in the nation, and that we exceed your state’s education requirements for licensing.

Course Description
Hours Required
Basic Esthetician's Course600$8,500
Intermediate Master's Course*600$8,900
Comprehensive Master's Course (Save $1000)1200$15,500


See our Curriculum Outline for specific course information

Basic Esthetician’s Course (600 hours)  – 4 months full time, 8 months part time.
Our basic course meets the hour requirements for most states, and the curriculum more than exceeds the training requirements. If you are looking for a solid foundation from which to continue building your esthetics education over time, this course is for you.

Intermediate Master Esthetician’s Course (600 hours) – 4 months full time, 8 months part time.
If you’re a licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist looking to take your experience & education to a higher level, this course will get you there. The Intermediate course helps to complete your training by preparing you for work in a clinical environment.

Comprehensive Master Esthetician’s Course (1200 hours) – 8 months full time, 16 months part time.
Our 1,200 hour Master course meets the Master Esthetician hour requirements for licensure in the State of Utah, and the curriculum exceeds the training requirements in most states. If you don’t hve any prior industry education or experience, and are looking for a complete education that will prepare you for work in a clinical environment, this is the course for you. This course provides you with the highest level of esthetics education available.

Advanced Training Certificate at SkinScience Institute and Laser Esthetics 
If you are a Licensed Esthetician or RN looking to further your knowledge and skills in a medical environment, don’t miss this invaluable experience. Hands-on and theory training at Skinscience Institute and Laser Esthethics by the prestigious Dr. Justin Johnson.  For more information call 801-983-0619.

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