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Basic Tips for Fall Skin Care

At programs like the Skin Science Institute, you’ll learn all about how to become a professional esthetician. The skincare specialist classes provided at esthetics schools spend hundreds of dedicated hours educating students on every little detail of this field.

One significant area you’ll learn about during our program speaks to seasonal skin care concerns. As we’re currently leaving the summer season and moving into fall and winter, let’s use this period as an example – here are a few tips you can offer clients about changing skin care practices during this time of year.


Exfoliating the skin can be vital during this season, especially if clients spent a lot of time in the sun over the summer. The sun, heat rays and even chlorine from pools can affect the skin, generally drying it out. Regular exfoliation, which involves the removal of dead skin cells from the skin’s surface and allows new cells to grow in, is important for combatting this dryness. It will help moisturizers penetrate the skin more effectively as well.


Many people use less moisturizer during the warm months, either because they forget or because it’s naturally more humid in many climates. This time of year, though, is exactly when you should be reminding clients to replenish the natural oils and moisture in your skin. Moisturize often, and also be sure to drink plenty of water to give skin multiple hydration avenues.

Redness Reduction

Whether it’s a sunburn from the summer or insect bites, tell clients to consider reducing redness using rosewater solutions to the affected area. This can have success with multiple causes of skin redness.


Even though it might not be as hot as the dead summer months, remind clients to not put away that sunscreen just yet. Continue using this on a regular basis all year long when the sun is out, even during the winter. Just because it’s colder doesn’t mean the sun’s rays stop affecting the skin.

For more on tips to offer clients for fall skin care, or to find out about our professional esthetician certification classes, speak to the educators at the Skin Science Institute today.

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