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Esthetician Salary & Job Requirements

The Skin Care and Spa Industry is a rapidly expanding and exciting industry to be a part of. As the industry grows, the need for highly trained and specialized professionals is at an all-time high. Professional estheticians are needed in a wide range of businesses, from day spas and salons, to cruise ships and destination resorts.Many modern medical settings are finding the skills and abilities of highly-trained professional estheticians to be extremely helpful, making the medical practices of dermatologists and plastic surgeons exciting arenas for a skin care specialist to put his or her talents and abilities to work.

What can I expect to earn as an Esthetician?

An esthetician’s wages will vary depending on several factors. These factors might include the area in which you work, whether or not you will be commission based or salaried, and your education and industry experience and client base. As a newly licensed esthetician, you can expect to start at a lower wage, and gain higher wages as you gain more experience. By making the right education choice and attending a competitive esthetician program you can improve your chances for higher wages by securing employment with an elite salon, spa or medical practice. As with any career, the longer you are employed by any one employer, the higher your wages will be. This is especially true for professional estheticians; generally our income is dependent on a loyal clientele.

Job Skills and Responsibilities of a Professionally Licensed Esthetician:

Skin Care Procedures

  • Perform a detailed skin evaluation, by use of magnifying lamps and specialized equipment to evaluate the skin’s condition and appearance.
  • Provide facial massages.
  • Apply chemical peels in order to reduce fine lines and age spots.
  • Perform professional skin care facials and extractions.
  • Demonstrate how to clean and care for skin properly, and recommend skin-care regimens.
  • Determine which skin care products will improve clients’ skin quality and appearance.
  • Remove body and facial hair by applying wax.
  • Training to use specialized products and perform techniques such as chemical peels and treatment masks.
  • Education in the use various hair, cosmetic, or nail care instruments.

Business Skills and Responsibilities

  • Keep records of client needs and preferences, and the services provided.
  • Develop effective and valuable customer service techniques.
  • Conduct business transactions and collect payments from the client.
  • Evaluate product inventory stock to ensure adequate supplies.
  • Maintain appointment calendar and client contact records.
  • Schedule appointments
  • Order and purchase needed supplies, materials, or equipment.
  • Sell merchandise carried in the salon, spa or clinic.


  • Collaborate with plastic surgeons and dermatologists in order to provide patients with preoperative and postoperative skin care.
  • Refer clients to medical personnel for treatment of serious skin problems.
  • Proper training in how to sterilize equipment, and clean work areas.
  • Assistance in administration of medications or treatments.


  • Advise clients about colors and types of makeup, and instruct them in makeup application techniques.
  • Select and apply cosmetic products.
  • Recommend and sell recommended cosmetics to clients.
  • Tint eyelashes and eyebrows.

Professional Esthetician Certification

Esthetician Licensing Requirements

The esthetics industry has been on the rise in the past years, right along with in-demand nonsurgical treatments like Botox. This is why many medical professionals, health and beauty experts, and estheticians want to become certified to begin offering these in-demand treatments to a client base.

At Skin Science Institute, we offer professional esthetician certification classes in Orem and Sandy, Utah. We are accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences, the recognized accrediting agency for esthetic and cosmetology schools.

Our courses deliver training in aesthetic procedures and skincare, and provide many opportunities to work on and teach the biological foundation of the skin and how to maintain its health and beauty.

Our professional esthetician certification school in Utah has designed its curriculum to meet the highest standards of licensing in the country. Regardless of the state in which you plan to live or work, you will leave us with an educational background and clinical hours that will satisfy your state board’s requirement. Here’s a handy reference guide of the current hour requirements by state:

– Utah (Basic License) – 600 hours

– Utah (Master License) – 1200 hours

Please Note: This information is provided for your reference and convenience. Please check with your state Board of Cosmetology to be sure that you have the most current information regarding hours and licensing requirements for your individual state.

If you’re passionate about helping people enhance their looks and want a more rewarding career, enroll in our professional skincare specialist certification course in Utah.

500 Hrs

Oregon – 450 Hours
South Carolina
Wisconsin – 400 Hours
Michigan – 350 Hours

Alaska – 300 Hours
Pennsylvania – 260 Hours

Florida – No Esthetics License Required – 250 Hrs
US Virgin Islands Not Required
Connecticut – Cosmetology License

600 Hrs

District of Columbia

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota

Rhode Island
South Dakota
Utah (Basic License)
Virginia (Basic License)
West Virginia

1500 Hrs

Alabama – 1200 Hours
Utah (Master License)
Virginia (Master License) – 1000 Hours

Puerto Rico (Must be cosmetologist)- 900 Hours
Nevada – 750 Hours

Texas – 700 Hours
Indiana – 650 Hours

Crime Statistics

Type of Offense20172018201920202021
Murder/Non-negligent manslaughter00000
Negligent manslaughter00000
Sex offense00000
Sex offense, non-forcible00000
Aggravated Assault/battery00000
Burglary, forced00000
Motor Vehicle Theft00000
Liquor law referrals for disciplinary actions00000
Liquor law violations arrests00000
Drug abuse referrals for disciplinary action00000
Drug abuse violations arrests00000
Weapons possession referrals for disciplinary action00000
Weapons possession arrests00000
Domestic Violence (VAWA*)00000
Dating Violence (VAWA*) 00000
Stalking (VAWA*)00000
Hate Crimes00000

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