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Basics On Cold Weather Skincare

At Skin Science Institute, we’re proud to be both a high-level beauty school and a provider of spa services to our students. Learn in a hands-on environment as you accrue the skills needed to get your esthetics license and sustain a long career in the field.

One important area in our spa and during your training is seasonal skin care, and during cold seasons, that topic comes to the forefront. Cold temperatures can wick skin of its moisture and dry it out, and indoor heating can also do damage. Let’s look at a few tips for combatting winter effects on skin, for both you and your eventual clients.

Gentle Cleanser

A cleanser scrubs the skin clean of dirt and oils, but some of them contain harsh ingredients that also leave the skin feeling tight or dry. This is especially noticeable during cold months. Instead, look for a gentle cleanser from a brand like Aveeno, CeraVe or Cetaphil. These milder ingredients can provide the same kind of purification without sacrificing hydration.

Continue Sunscreen

We naturally think of sunscreen during summer, but we should during winter as well. Wearing sunscreen year-round is one of the top ways to guard and nourish the skin, and has both cosmetic and health-related purposes.

Moisture Concerns

As we noted, winter is the time when dry skin is at its worst. First of all, consider switching to a thicker moisturizer – many people use thinner ones during summer. In addition, if you’re still having issues, consider a humidifier in your home. This can pump a bit of extra moisture into dry, heated air indoors.

Removing Makeup

Pre-moistened wipes and similar products are popular for quick makeup removal, but these products contain alcohol that can strip your skin of moisture. Consider oil-based products instead, as these will take makeup off without the same drying effects.


Water is easier to remember in summer when it’s very hot outside and you’re regularly thirsty. But your skin needs water just as badly during the winter – perhaps even more so due to additional dryness in the air. Make it a point to regularly drink water and stay hydrated, as this will help flush skin toxins while also keeping the skin moisturized and clear.

For more on cold weather skincare, or to find out more about any part of our esthetician training programs, speak to the educators at Skin Science Institute today.

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