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Client Tips for Chemical Peel Recovery

Within the world of esthetics, chemical peels are some of the most common services offered. As part of your skincare specialist training at the Skin Science Institute, you’ll learn everything about how to perform these peels, and how to inform clients of all the important factors.

Chemical peels are also a big part of our professional skin care specialist school’s student spa menu, offered to clients to help students gain real-world experience. As a brief primer, here are a few dos and don’ts that can be given to clients for recovering properly after a chemical peel treatment.


  • Take a low-impact approach: For a few days or up to a week after a chemical peel, the skin just needs a light, low-impact approach. Those who use washcloths should switch to a baby cloth or a soft sponge, and always use warm water so as not to aggravate the skin. Also, avoid any deep lotions or treatments for a few days.
  • Products: Use soothing products like chamomile, Azulene, and others to keep the skin protected. In addition, use moisturizers, particularly those with antioxidants – these are important for the post-chemical peel stage, as the skin has been traumatized and free radical production rises.
  • Sun: Since the skin is more sensitive right after a peel, try to avoid long periods in the sun directly after. Wear high-SPF sunscreen if sun exposure is necessary.


  • Over-moisturize: Moisturizing is important, as we noted above, but don’t get too crazy. There isn’t any need to double or triple normal usage, and in some cases this can disrupt the peeling process itself.
  • Exfoliate: Rather than using specific exfoliating products or scrubs, let the skin shed itself naturally. Scrubs and acid may damage recently peeled skin.
  • Picking: Try not to pick at the skin, as this will create red marks and uneven spots if skin is picked before it’s naturally ready to come off. Leaving it alone will create a healthier, smoother look.

Want to learn more about chemical peels, or interested in our professional skin care specialist certification course? Speak to the educators at the Skin Science Institute today.

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