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Learn Safety Skills & Proper Technique in Waxing Classes

As a licensed esthetician working in a spa or salon, waxing will likely be a big part of your job. At Skin Science Institute, our students take waxing classes as part of our esthetician program that prepares them to take the state licensing exam. Estheticians who are skilled at waxing are in demand at spas and salons all of Utah and the entire U.S.

In the quest to be smooth and hair-free, Americans put many hours of work into shaving and using hair removal creams. It’s a time-consuming battle that never seems to end. Some people opt for laser hair removal, and when you get your esthetician license, you will be able to perform this procedure as well. However, laser hair removal is more expensive, takes longer than waxing and is more invasive, so there will always be a segment of your clientele who prefers waxing for hair removal.

Bikini Waxing

Bikini waxing is one of the most requested forms of waxing. That’s because the skin in this area is extra delicate and can be easily irritated by shaving, resulting in an ugly rash that can persist for weeks or even months.

Still for many women, letting the hair grow in this area isn’t an option. These women choose bikini waxing.

In your c at Skin Science Institute, you’ll learn important waxing techniques such as how hot the wax should be, how thick to apply the wax, how long to wait to pull it off and how to decide what direction to pull from.

For bikini waxing, it’s best for clients to allow their hair to grow for at least two weeks so that there is enough hair for the wax to grip. Otherwise, if the hair is too short, the wax may not pull it out. Clients should also be instructed to exfoliate the area the morning of or the night before treatment. This helps the wax adhere better to the hair.

Because the bikini area is so delicate, some clients find bikini waxing painful. For them, you can offer to use a numbing cream on the skin, and work in small sections so they can better tolerate the discomfort.

Face Waxing

Face waxing includes the upper lip, chin, eyebrow area and anywhere clients want hair removed.

Many women prefer face waxing to shaving, which may be too harsh for their skin. Your clients may want face waxing to remove moustache hairs, chin hairs, hair growing between the eyebrows or hairs under the brows or at the corners of the eyes.

Men also often request waxing to remove hair between the eyebrows or any extraneous eyebrow hair. Men also frequently request back waxing. Many men with ample back hair are unhappy with their appearance, and because this area is hard to reach, it’s easier to get waxed every couple of months. Some men also request chest waxing.

Post-Waxing Care

After you wax a client’s skin, it will likely be red, and sometimes it swells a bit as well. This is normal, and these side effects can be minimized with the use of calming creams and lotions after the procedure.

In your waxing training at our esthetician school, you will learn everything you need to know to serve clients who request hair removal, whether it’s bikini waxing, face waxing or other areas such as the underarms, back, chest, stomach or legs.

While many people attempt to do waxing at home or get the service done by an uncertified technician, remind your clients it is always best and safest to have waxing done by someone with an esthetician license. Waxing courses help you learn safe and efficient techniques.

To enroll in our esthetician school and take waxing classes, lash extension classes, skin care classes and more, sign up online or contact us today at Skin Science Institute.

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