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Making the Right Choice on Esthetics School

At Skin Science Institute, we’re proud to accept the most diligent and hard-working students into our beauty school programs with an eye on an esthetician license down the line. We want motivated, dedicated students who truly envision themselves in this field as a career, and who are ready to work to reach that point.

For many, this means having an honest conversation with yourself about your future goals and how you want to achieve them. We want you to make the best possible decision here, so take some time and follow some of these tips when choosing whether esthetic school is right for you.

Spend Time

We’re happy to let you spend a day or half-day viewing our programs and classes, to decide whether this is the kind of environment you want to be in. You can sit in on classes, and if there’s time, you can ask teachers and students questions about the way the program works.


Down similar lines, look into shadowing an esthetician for a day. Some spas may have privacy issues to consider, but many will let you sit in. Even if there are privacy concerns, see if you can arrange to speak to an esthetician outside the spa – invite them out to coffee and ask about their career and any tips they may have.

Questions to Ask

There are several questions you should ask about yourself as you’re considering esthetician school. Ask if you can afford to work part-time, on weekends or at night. If you have young children, ask yourself if you have a support system that will allow for their care.

Beyond this, look to even more personal desire questions: What interests you about skincare? Why do you want to help people with it for a living? Are you willing to do it all day long, even for services you don’t specifically enjoy giving? Are you really interested in skincare specifically, or is another area of cosmetology better suited for you?

Job Opportunities

Also consider the jobs that might be available to you after graduation. Check on availability in your area, and the legality of you working from home if needed. Look at factors like commute and how busy a given location is.

Financial Considerations

Finally, consider your own finances as well. Do you have to take out a loan to pay for school? How much will you need to make after school to live comfortably, or to pay off any loans without going too far into debt? Ask yourself these kinds of questions.

For more on deciding whether the esthetic school is right for you, or to learn about any of our programs, speak to the educators at Skin Science Institute today.

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