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Sync Spa Treatments with Menstrual Cycle

A person’s menstrual cycle can have an impact on all different parts of their body, and that includes skin. Hormonal acne is no fun, whether it be a major breakout or just a monthly painful, persistent pimple. But by tailoring skin care to where your client is in their menstrual cycle, you can help alleviate some of that monthly burden. The esthetician instructors at Skin Science Institute teach the students at our beauty schools in Orem and Sandy the science behind skin care.

Tips From Your Esthetician School in Orem

At Skin Science Institute, professionalism is part of our curriculum. That means being sensitive to the fact that not everyone is comfortable talking openly about their menstrual cycle. However, if your client is complaining about period acne or has noticed that they break out at roughly the same time every month, that could be a good time to bring up menstrual syncing skin care.

Also, it’s important to remember that no two menstrual cycles are exactly alike, and menstrual syncing skin care isn’t for everyone. If your client’s acne or dry skin persists throughout their cycle, the issue may not be hormonal, which means it wouldn’t be substantially alleviated by cycle-based skincare.

First Steps

If your client is interested in taking control of their hormonal acne, they should start by tracking their menstrual cycle if they aren’t already. This is important because menstrual cycles have distinctive phases, and you can tailor a skin care routine to each phase. Apps like Flo, Eve, Glow and Spot On can help make period tracking easier for your clients.

The Menses Phase

The first phase is menses, which is the actual period itself. During this phase, the client will have lower estrogen and progesterone, which can lead to dry and dull skin. Skin sensitivity and inflammation may also be heightened by a rise in the prostaglandins hormone. This means that clients who are currently menstruating should avoid exfoliating and waxing, as this is a time to be gentle on the skin. Hydrating and anti-inflammation treatments are best during this time. Clients should be sure to moisturize regularly while they have their period, and if they particularly struggle with dryness, you can recommend an overnight mask.

The Follicular Phase

The follicular phase overlaps with menses, beginning on the first day of the client’s period and ending right as ovulation begins. The portion of the follicular phase that doesn’t overlap with menses is when your client’s skin is likely at its best. Collagen and estrogen levels rise during this phase, which means the skin will be thicker and stretchier and may glow. This is a great time for your client to try new products and treatments because their skin is healthier and more resilient. A vitamin C serum is a great way to enhance the skin’s natural glow, and this point in the cycle is a safe time to exfoliate.

The Ovulation Phase

The ovulation phase is all about preparing for the next phase, which is when breakouts are most likely to occur. This is the perfect time for a facial that is focused on detoxifying and cleaning out pores, as the next phase will see an increase in oil production. Lactic acid exfoliant will also help to keep those pores clear. Your client can use a lighter moisturizer during this phase.

The Luteal Phase

The last phase of the menstrual cycle is the luteal phase. During this time, the client’s progesterone levels will be at their highest. This causes skin to swell up and pores to tighten, trapping oil, dirt and bacteria under the surface. Additionally, testosterone may fluctuate in the luteal phase, causing the client’s sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, which is the substance that causes acne.

This phase is all about calming the skin and controlling excessive oil as much as possible. Your client should be using a gentle cleanser during this time to flush away excess oil without irritating existing pimples. Additionally, anti-inflammatory spot treatments are a big help during the luteal phase. Black cumin seed oil and niacinamide tend to work well against inflammation. Finally, you can help your client calm skin irritation with cooling facial treatments, such as clay-based masks.

If your client is experiencing painful, cystic acne during the luteal phase of their menstrual cycle that isn’t responding to cycle-based skin care, they may need to see a dermatologist for alternative treatment.

Get Your Esthetician License in Orem

Beyond the basics, most grade-school sex-ed classes don’t cut it when it comes to helping people understand everything they need to know about their periods. As we enter adulthood, we may be disappointed to learn that an end to puberty doesn’t always mean an end to acne. But there are steps we can take at home and at the spa to help our skin look and feel its best, no matter where our hormone levels are.

If you’re interested in helping menstruators everywhere learn more about how listening to their bodies can lead to clearer, healthier skin, check out Skin Science Institute’s esthetician programs in Orem. Skin Science Institute has programs for those new to esthetics and those who are looking to continue their esthetics education and become masters in the field. You’ll learn about facial treatments, skin analysis, facial waxing, specialty masks and more procedures that will help you provide your clients with the right treatment for their cycles. Visit our website for more information on enrollment and get involved with an elite esthetician school in Orem.

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