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Traits That Make a Good Esthetician

More than most industries out there, personality traits are an important part of determining whether a career as an esthetician might be right for you. The demands of an esthetician are very particular, and certain types of people are most predisposed to these kinds of qualities.

At Skin Science Institute, we’ll help you take the steps needed to get your esthetician license. Let’s look at some broad personality traits that a good esthetician needs, plus highlight a few specific areas that are of particular importance.

Personality Traits

Here is a basic list of traits a good esthetician needs:

  • Compassionate and empathetic
  • Good listener
  • A “people person”
  • Patience
  • Professional behavior and attitude
  • Genuine
  • Thick-skinned
  • Positivity
  • Open-minded

Our next three sections will highlight the particular importance of a few of these areas.

Good Listening

As an esthetician, clients will open up to you – not just about their skin, but about their lives in general. The best estheticians are the ones who listen well, then turn what they hear into actionable services provided to the client. You have to consider their requests seriously while also offering your own expertise and advice in the proper places.

Open-Mindedness and Thick Skin

You’ll deal with clients from all backgrounds and with all ranges of views as an esthetician, and you need to keep an open mind and a thick skin. Set boundaries here of course, and learn how to respond to any abusive behavior. In general, we recommend avoiding hot-button issues like politics or religion unless the client brings them up, as they’re just very personal and sensitive for many people.

Knowledge Base

Finally, a great esthetician has to be able to draw on a wide body of knowledge to serve their clients properly. The field is always changing and morphing, and you have to stay on top of changing trends at all times. If you aren’t into learning new things, this might not be the right field for you.

For more on the qualities that make a great esthetician, or to learn about any of our esthetician school programs, speak to the educators at Skin Science Institute today.

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