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Which Skin Care and Spa Treatments Will Be Popular in 2022?

Esthetics is an ever-changing field, and you can expect more exciting innovations in 2022. At Skin Science Institute, we believe in providing our students with an elite esthetics education by staying up to date on the industry’s newest formulas, procedures and technology. This year’s skin care trends are responding to real-world issues, from ecological concerns with beauty products to pesky mask-induced acne. From your esthetician school in Orem and Sandy, here are 2022’s newest skin care solutions.

Get Your Glow On

In 2022, we’ll continue to see a rise in popularity for cream blushes and highlighters that will leave skin with a nourished, dewy look. But there’s more you can do to combat the dry, dull look of thirsty skin.

One such solution is facial cryotherapy. This treatment involves pumping liquid nitrogen over a client’s face for just two to three minutes to tighten pores and reduce signs of aging. The intense cold causes the blood vessels to contract, and when the skin warms up again, the blood vessels open back up to promote oxygen and blood flow to the face. Not only will this leave faces glowing, but unlike other spa treatments in Provo, the client won’t have to worry about a recovery period after treatment. Results last a few weeks and can become permanent with regular cryofacials.

Facial Massage Spa Treatments in Provo

Facial massage benefits sound too good to be true, and one that is properly executed will leave your client in awe of the results. By stimulating pressure points in the client’s face and neck, either by hand or with a face roller or gua sha tool, you help relax the face muscles for a rejuvenated look — almost like a face lift. There are many types of facial massage, but generally this procedure has benefits that include anti-aging, improved circulation and a healthy glow.

Skin Kindness and Minimalism

It feels like skin care routines have been getting longer and more intense over the years. But in 2022, industry experts expect people to start going back to the basics, and just in time. Using too many products on a daily basis can be tough on skin. The skin care industry has been focusing on creating products that are designed to give us quick results, but often that necessitates the use of harsh chemicals. In 2022, the skin care industry will be all about preventatively strengthening the skin barrier rather than zapping zits after the fact.

Eco-Friendly Skin Care

In 2021, we learned a lot about how our personal habits impact the planet. In 2022, the skin care industry is responding to consumer concerns about ecological impact by moving toward more sustainable packaging, meaning that less waste will end up in landfills.

Esthetician Programs in Provo

If you’re excited by 2022’s latest skin care trends, Skin Science Institute is the esthetician school for students from Provo, Orem, West Valley City, Salt Lake City and West Jordan who already have some experience or are just starting out. Skin Science Institute is a great place to get your esthetician license because we teach you everything you need to bring beauty to all your clients.

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