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Eyelash Extensions Classes for Estheticians

When you’re going for your esthetician license, you take classes in all types of skin care, including eyelash extensions classes. Applying semi-permanent makeup is a big part of an esthetician’s job if they work in a salon or spa. Making women happier and more beautiful is rewarding work! At Skin Science Institute, we teach lash extensions classes, skin care techniques, waxing, manicuring, methods of sunless tanning and everything you need to get your esthetician license.

Lash extensions and other procedures to beautify eyelashes are in high demand everywhere today. At our esthetician school, you will learn all the correct approaches to performing these services for your clients.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are just continuing to grow in popularity across the U.S. Women want to look and feel beautiful and they love quick and easy ways to achieve this.

For many years, women put on mascara every morning to make their lashes look longer, thicker and darker. It’s time-consuming, and it can be messy. Mascara has a tendency to clump, making your lashes look too thick or lumpy.

After a few hours, mascara may start to leave specks that look like pepper under your eyes and on your cheeks, or it may leave you with dark “raccoon” circles under your eyes. Waterproof mascara causes fewer issues, but it’s hard to get off and you can lose some lashes in the process.

What Skin Science Institute students learn in eyelash extensions classes is how to safely place individual lashes onto the client’s eyelids. Thus, estheticians are not so much extending the client’s own lashes as adding lashes that are longer, resulting in a thicker appearance.

In your eyelash extension classes, you’ll learn how to brush through your client’s lashes and then carefully separate them, isolating individual lashes that you select to glue a synthetic lash onto. The false lash retains its strength, color and length, so mascara is no longer necessary, though those with lash extensions can opt for an extra touch of glamour by applying mascara if they choose. However, you must advise your clients that they have to use a special type of mascara that does not react with the glue you used so their synthetic eyelashes won’t fall off.

Because lash extensions are glued on, they will eventually fall off. That’s why clients must return about every six weeks for a lash extensions fill to retain their full look. While some clients may try this procedure once and not keep up with it, many women enjoy having long, lush, beautiful lashes 24/7 without any effort on their part.

Eyelash Tinting

In lash classes at our esthetician school, you will also learn how to perform eyelash tinting, a process in which estheticians apply dye to clients’ eyelashes. Unlike lash extensions, no glue or synthetic eyelashes are involved in this process — only the client’s natural lashes.

During this process, the esthetician provides protection to the client’s skin and then carefully applies dye with a brush to their top and bottom lashes. Although the client’s eyes are closed while the dye is being applied to the top lashes, dye can still leak in between the eyelids and damage the client’s eyes, so it’s critical to learn how much dye to put on the brush and how close to get to the base of the lashes.

Eyelash tinting does not make the lashes thicker; it makes them darker. This makes a big difference with clients who are blond or redheaded and whose lashes may appear almost invisible without some type of product on them. But women with dark lashes love eyelash tinting too, as it makes their lashes look longer and more attractive without makeup. With eyelash tinting, you can scrub your face before you go to bed and still wake up with long, dark lashes.

Eyelash tinting is permanent — not like hair dye that fades. However, lashes eventually fall out and are replaced by new lashes, so the process must be repeated about once a month or so.

Eyelash Perming

At our esthetician school, we also teach eyelash perming in our lash classes.

Not everyone’s eyelashes grow the same way. Some people’s eyelashes grow in a downward direction, while others grow up. Because the beauty standard in the U.S. favors eyelashes that grow up, many women invest in eyelash curlers to bend their eyelashes in a different direction. However, using an eyelash curler every day can be hard on lashes. More of them can fall out, and there is always the chance you could pinch a tiny bit of skin in the curler, resulting in a painful, swollen eyelid.

For many women, eyelash perming is an excellent solution. The procedure involves the esthetician applying chemicals to the eyelashes that cause them to curl up instead of point down. The results of this process can last anywhere from a month to several months, depending upon the individual client.

Esthetician Program Safety

Performing eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting and eyelash perming safely and carefully is a skill that should be performed only by licensed estheticians, not lash techs who have simply taken a lash extensions training course. Lash certification is not the same as holding an esthetician license.

Bringing glue, dye or other chemicals so near to the eye is dangerous and should not be done by amateurs. Sadly, plenty of amateurs are in the business of performing eyelash extensions, tinting, perming and other procedures. Even worse, it is easy to find DIY kits online that anyone can order to perform these procedures on themselves at home.

One of the most important parts of performing safe lash extensions, tinting and perming  is working in a clean environment with sterile tools. Wiping tools with alcohol is not enough — everything needs to go in an autoclave, an expensive tool many fly-by-night lash techs don’t have. An autoclave kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. It’s the same tool used by manicurists and dentists to clean their tools between clients.

Best Esthetician School in Utah

At our esthetician school, our lash extensions classes are taught by licensed master estheticians who are certified by the state to teach at skincare schools.

As an esthetician, your reputation is important. A graduation certificate from Skin Science Institute proves you worked hard and earned the esthetician license you go on to get from the state of Utah. As a graduate of our esthetician school and a licensed esthetician, you have a right to be proud of your accomplishments and to earn the wages you deserve for the hard work you invested in your craft.

To learn more about our esthetician school, our eyelash extension courses or any of our esthetician programs, contact us today.

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