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Why Are Eyelash Extensions So Popular?

The students at Skin Science Institute all look forward to taking eyelash extension classes because they know how popular eyelash extensions are today. But why are women everywhere throwing away their mascara in favor of eyelash extensions? The faculty at Skin Science Institute can fill you in (pun intended).

Why Women Love Eyelash Extensions

Shakespeare has been credited with saying that the eyes are the window to the soul. As much emphasis as we put on other body parts in American society, eyes are still considered a crucially important part of a person’s attractiveness.

What makes eyes attractive can vary. Some people love blue eyes while others prefer green or brown eyes. Most people find large eyes attractive — but not too large. Makeup does a lot to help eyes stand out. This includes shaping, filler and gel for brows as well as eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara for lids and lashes.

In order to achieve the type of look most people who wear makeup like for their eyelashes, they must use several coats of mascara. If the mascara is not of a high quality, it can end up looking clumpy after two or three coats. Or, after your mascara dries, your lashes may drop tiny specks of black dust under your eyes and on your cheeks all day long.

It’s often easier to get fuller, longer-looking lashes with waterproof mascara. But waterproof mascara can be challenging to remove each day, and you may lose a few lashes in the process.

When you think about paying for a good-quality mascara and eye makeup remover and taking the time to apply the mascara and remove it every day with varying results, you can see why so many women opt to get eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are so easy — once you get them, you have thick, beautiful lashes 24/7. You wake up in the morning with beautiful lashes, you look stunning at the pool, while camping, at the gym — everywhere! And you get all that time back you would have spent shopping for and applying mascara.

Eyelash Extensions Myths

While many women love the convenience and look of eyelash extensions, many others are afraid to get them after seeing myths posted online. Some questions people have about eyelash extension include:

  • Do eyelash extensions hurt?
  • Do eyelash extensions ruin your eyelashes?
  • Do eyelash extensions cause styes?
  • Do eyelash extensions fall out?
  • Do eyelash extensions feel heavy?
  • Do eyelash extensions cause dry eyes?
  • Are eyelash extensions waterproof?

Eyelash extensions definitely don’t hurt. Estheticians use tweezers and a safe type of glue to attach synthetic eyelashes to clients’ eyelashes. Eyes are protected during the procedure with sterile padding.

Eyelash extensions also do not ruin your eyes — if they are applied correctly by a licensed esthetician. Not only can you get eyelash extensions from almost anyone without a license, you can even apply them yourself at home. This is not safe. In our eyelash extensions classes, we teach our students how to apply eyelash extensions safely and correctly.

The clients of licensed estheticians should not get styes or any type of bacterial infections after receiving eyelash extensions or any eyelash treatment. That’s because licensed estheticians are taught in lash extensions classes how to properly sterilize tools in an autoclave in between clients.

Eyelash extensions will eventually fall out — they are not permanent. That’s because licensed estheticians attach the synthetic lash to clients’ own lashes, and everyone’s lashes routinely fall out and are replaced by new lashes. That’s why those who enjoy their eyelash extensions need fill-ins about once a month.

When you get eyelash extensions for the first time, they will take some getting used to. You will notice them more in your field of vision, and they will feel slightly heavier. However, keep in mind that eyelash extensions consist of a selection of tiny little hairs, so how heavy can they be?

Those diagnosed with a dry eye condition who want to get eyelash extensions may want to talk to their doctor first about getting nourishing eye drops or sprays for their comfort and safety while they have eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are waterproof, but if you’re constantly in water — for instance if you’re a swimming instructor or lifeguard — you may want to tell this to your esthetician ahead of time. Eyelash extensions are applied using a strong glue, so they won’t come off when you wash your face or take a shower. However, regularly exposing eyelash extensions to chlorine or saltwater causes faster wear. Consider wearing protective goggles for swimming.

Lash Extension Certification

The students at Skin Science Institute all receive eyelash extensions training. Once they graduate and receive their esthetician license, they are certified to perform eyelash extensions. Our eyelash extension training begins in the classroom with lectures on technique, then moves to the practical side, where estheticians practice performing the procedure.

Beware of eyelash extension courses you can take online. These are not supervised, and certificate holders have not been properly trained.

Spa and salon clients who get eyelash extensions from estheticians — versus those who merely have certifications in lash extension application — can be certain they are getting their service performed by a professional. The eyes are a delicate and sensitive part of the body and allowing someone who is not a licensed esthetician to come near your eyes with glue, dye or other substances is not safe.

Our students at Skin Science Institute also learn how to perform eyelash lifts, perms and tints. Some women prefer these procedures to eyelash extensions.

If you’re interested in getting your esthetician license, apply to Skin Science Institute today. We have locations in Sandy and Orem, and we serve the areas of Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Provo and South Jordan.

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