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What Are the Most Important Skills You Learn in Esthetician School?

When you attend an esthetician school like Skin Science Institute, that school is preparing you to take the Utah state licensing exam so that you can get your esthetician license. In that regard, all the skills you learn are important. However, studies show that some services are more in demand than others. What are these services?

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are all the rage these days. They’re beautiful, quick and easy to get, and they last for weeks. Women are embracing eyelash extensions for several reasons.

When you have eyelash extensions, you wake up gorgeous — without makeup. Second, you save time and money by not having to apply mascara every day. And let’s face it — you can’t get the same look with mascara that you can get with eyelash extensions. Lastly, you don’t have to wrestle with makeup remover pads or mascara stains on your pillowcase.

At Skin Science Institute, we teach eyelash extensions classes that show you how to apply a wide variety of lash extensions that provide different looks for your clients.

Brow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting achieves an effect that’s similar to eyelash extensions — it transforms eye shape on a semi-permanent basis. With eyebrow tinting, we use dye to achieve the effect of having lush, full eyebrows 24/7.

This service is popular among all segments of the population, but it has an especially dramatic effect on those with blonde or red hair, whose eyebrows might be otherwise nearly invisible.

Our esthetician school teaches students the art of eyebrow tinting, including color, shape and fullness.


Sometimes it seems we spend as much time removing hair from some areas of our bodies as we do trying to add it to others. This is part of the pursuit of beauty, however, and it’s good for business!

The areas clients want waxed most frequently are the upper lip, brows and chin. Other common requests include underarms, legs and the bikini area. As you may imagine, the face and bikini areas are more sensitive than the legs, so different techniques are required.


Our skin often gives us problems, no matter how carefully we try to take care of it. We may get breakouts, dullness, fine lines, dark patches, dryness, uneven tone and more. That’s why facials are so popular.

In esthetician school, student estheticians learn how to choose ingredients for facials based on what clients want to achieve. The ingredients for a toning facial are different from the ingredients for a moisturizing facial.

The Art & Science of Skin Care

You likely know that YouTube and social media are overflowing with self-proclaimed experts giving beauty tips. This can be overwhelming for people who are simply looking for good skin care advice. It’s important to trust only trained estheticians when you’re looking for skin care services. At Skin Science Institute, it’s our job to prepare and train students to get their esthetician license and provide quality services to their clients.

Start down the path to become a trained, licensed esthetician today — apply to become a student at Skin Science Institute, serving Salt Lake City, Orem, Provo, South Jordan and Sandy, Utah.

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